Pub staff will check drinkers and tightening of rules to track covid in hospitality venues. The Telegraph reports that under the latest guidance pub staff must look at customers’ mobile phone screens to make sure that they have registered with Test and Trace before they can be served. Drinkers will still have the option of registering manually by filling out a form with their name and telephone number. The guidance, issued ahead of the outdoor reopening, says that “should someone choose to check in with the official NHS QR code poster, a venue should check their phone screen to ensure they have successfully checked in”.

Under the rules from Monday, all customers will have to register with Test and Trace rather than just one person per group. Pub bosses have raised concerns that the rules will place an additional burden on staff as hospitality venues try to recover from the pandemic lockdowns. They are also concerned that staff who demand proof customers have registered could face abuse. Kate Nicholls, the chief executive of UKHospitality, said: “This is putting high onus on individual staff working in premises to check people’s phones, and we are continuing to work with the government to try and get a more pragmatic, proportionate and reasonable solution. We’re concerned to ensure that we minimise chances of harassment or abuse of staff.”


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